May 21, 2021

Construction Manager Over 400,000 Worker Hours

Photo from Exxel Pacific

To Exxel Pacific, safety comes from executing the most important thing: protecting people.

When Joe Sadler, Exxel Pacific’s safety director and 2014 AGC Safety Professional of the Year award recipient, passed away in April, a safety program and great safety culture which Sadler had built was without its original leader. To respond, top management quickly assembled a high-level safety team to fill the void.

Even amid shock and grief, top-level management demonstrated its commitment to first-class safety performance. The safety team was comprised of top leadership, senior superintendents, project directors, the director of employee operations, business unit leaders, safety professionals and field team members.

This team helped push innovation, complete site visits and training while it continued to search for the right person to champion the crusade for safety. Management interviewed over 30 candidates in the seven-month period until it found the right person who it felt shared the same passion and drive for employee value and the team approach.

To Exxel Pacific, safety is about rolling up your sleeves to execute the most important thing: protecting Exxel Pacific people, sub partner members and the community. Every member of the organization speaks to the value of safety; it’s incorporated into every aspect of project delivery, employee training, quarterly newsletters, company meetings and overall daily discussions. This effort allows everyone to keep safety in the forefront and key in daily decisions.

Even though the new safety director has been established, management has kept the assembled safety team in place to further emphasize safety performance and the continuous strive to be a leading contractor in safety. As Exxel Pacific grows in size and wins work in new markets, it continues to strategize on how to keep its local family feel while competing on a stage with larger international companies. It will analyze how systems and processes can assist in performance measurement and successful project outcomes. It is starting this process as a team and looking for ways to meet the needs necessary for growth and supporting its employees. Exxel’s employee-first mindset is what helps the company navigate tough times and rise above any challenges.

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