May 19, 2023

Construction Manager Over 200,000 Worker Hours

Photo courtesy of Exxel Pacific
Exxel’s safety team gives back to the industry through education, mentorship and guidance.

Many Exxel Pacific employees are committed to giving back to the industry, investing their time and knowledge in many areas, including education (on and off the job), general mentorship and guidance.

Brian Sorensen, director of safety at Exxel, served on the AGC of Washington’s Safety Committee as Northern District representative for one year and was recently promoted to general contractor at large for the committee. Sorensen feels this position is of great importance and is excited to bring fresh ideas to the committee, helping to advance AGC Safety discussions as well as AGC Safety monthly forums. He also invests his time as a part of other industry collaborations, such as the AGC Crane Safety task force, and works with the AGC on safety legislative feedback and testimony.

Sorensen also engages frequently with his alma-mater at Central Washington University, working with faculty and young professionals in the safety program. He has taken on the role of a mentor, organizing job walks to introduce aspiring students to the industry. He has also spoken to college classes and been a conduit for CWU’s intern program.

Mark Rosenwald, site logistics coordinator at Exxel, is committed to supporting Core Plus Construction, an official Washington state program of study allowing high school students to explore careers in the construction industry. Students benefit by using hands-on learning to gain real-world skills and earn graduation credits.

Rosenwald works with Sarah Patterson, workforce development director for the AGC Education Foundation, participating as a panelist twice for an after school online get together for students. In these sessions, he emphasized how his skills and experiences, acquired from his diverse career background, help him interface with neighborhood businesses and leaders — especially when Exxel’s work may impact the community. Rosenwald also works with Dan Morris, AGC director of education and training, developing a two-part class to help promote safety in construction.

Bailey Bowell and Paul Rivas, senior safety coordinators, are on an apprenticeship committee for the Certified Safety Specialists Apprenticeship Program, also acting as contractor representatives to support the program and its students. They provide guidance on curriculum and topics for learning as well as offering meaningful mentorship to students and graduates of the program. When requested, they will also counsel members of the apprenticeship program during their field internship, providing experienced guidance to future safety professionals entering the industry.

Through these commitments, Exxel’s team is helping to advance the caliber of safety professionals to the industry.