Careers with Exxel Pacific

Current positions available:

  • Project Engineer – Seattle, WA & Lacey, WA

You are also welcome to submit your resume for other positions that may become available in the future.

We are not like most construction companies.  Our PEOPLE make us who we are.

The difference may not always be obvious to others.  What makes Exxel unique can’t be seen, touched or articulated.  Our people have made a commitment to live up to the values that we, as a company, have promised to our clients.  Our pledge is to exceed our clients’ expectations in all that we do and, in the process, make the experience more fun & enjoyable.

Our team has built a reputation for fairness and integrity in our relationships with our clients, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.  We strive to select only those individuals who wholeheartedly share our commitment to quality, safety and integrity.

Exxel Pacific is seeking individuals who, above all else, desire joining and being a key member of an industry leading and dynamic company that is genuinely focused on its family of employees who, through working collaboratively together, create a thriving TEAM oriented culture.

The company being 100% employee owned provides Exxel Pacific employees the ability to OWN THEIR WORK in a unique way. In addition to being a great retirement benefit, the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) fosters Exxel’s commitment to its valuable employees in creating a successful and enduring company that is focused on a lasting future. We are looking for special people who have a desire to be employee owners, who wholeheartedly are committed to being part of a great team, responsible for leading by example and helping the company grow and in turn benefiting from this commitment and hard work by building strong relationships throughout our industry and prospering personally and as a TEAM.

Exxel Pacific believes strongly in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our commitment not only creates a strong workplace culture but fosters innovation, provides our Team of Employee Owners the highest level of satisfaction, and as a result, generates the greatest overall opportunity for corporate success. Exxel is proud to partner with the AGC in their Culture of Care initiative and take their pledge:

We pledge to commit our leadership and resources to fostering a Culture of CARE at every level and in all aspects of our organization. Through this commitment, we seek to attract and promote diversity in our industry, retain and value human relationships and empower every employee to harness and engage the power of diversity for the benefit of our industry and community.

To learn more about the Culture of Care initiative please visit:


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“My career at Exxel started at the age of 19, driving the company waste container truck, working with the small utilities and excavation crews.  I loved how Exxel had the small company atmosphere, although we were working on large and impressive projects.  I decided to go to school for Construction Management, working for Exxel as an Intern over the summer months and was re-hired as a Project Engineer when I graduated.

What I enjoy most is the freedom that management gives their employees to work within their means and make their own career path.  If you have the desire to grow and take on new roles and responsibilities, they will support you and give you the opportunity to do so.  This has helped my personal growth and career development immensely, as I have moved up through the ranks to Senior Project Manager in a relatively short time.

I value our relationship-based corporate culture, we treat people fairly and with respect, regardless of whether you are an Owner, Consultant, Subcontractor, fellow Employee, or someone living in the neighborhood of one of our projects.  Relationships matter to the people of Exxel.”
-Tyson Scheenstra, Senior Project Manager

“Exxel Pacific has given me opportunities and fostered my career development since I worked as a laborer my first couple summers in college. I was hired as Project Engineer upon graduating and am now a Senior Superintendent. What I like about working for Exxel is how much they value their employees; they encourage critical thinking and embrace new ideas . They reward their employees through competitive wages, generous Short Term Incentive Plan, and company stock ownership; but most importantly, they reward their employees by providing a culture that fosters safety, teamwork, integrity, and a common goal of building a quality project and ensuring our clients are happy.”
-Jeff Christianson, Senior Project Superintendent

“My internship more than exceeded my expectations and I can’t think of a thing I would have changed. I was given tasks and responsibilities immediately and was also provided the tools needed do the work. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with numerous scopes of work and the various phases of each scope. At the beginning of this summer my hope was to stay busy and learn as much as possible, both of these things I was able to find in this internship.”
– Project Engineer Intern