A Comprehensive Service that Goes Beyond Construction.

Our development roots and our belief in a turn-key approach means we can take clients far beyond the basics of traditional construction. Our preconstruction services integrate with our development focused expertise and consulting services.  Our collaborative approach to design, development and construction creates an environment where the entire team can reach their highest potential for success.

Exxel Pacific offers clients the big picture – from concept to construction and beyond, with design-build services in multiple building disciplines; BIM Services, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Systems and Cladding Systems.  We offer broad expertise, a total service philosophy and focused dedication to quality, safety and timely project delivery.



We believe that the preconstruction phase is one of the most important times in the life of each project. We are committed to a fully integrated preconstruction process that emphasizes the value gained when all of the Project Partners collaborate. We focus on detailed analysis of site conditions, logistics and project sequencing needs.  Exxel Pacific’s standards require a comprehensive constructability analysis of all construction components used in a project; this is done during the design phase – well in advance of installation.  Further, we work to provide detailed continuous estimating that is produced in concert with design progression in real-time. BIM Services are routinely utilized to enable a strong coordination process for estimating, design and scheduling for the entire project team. The successful management of preconstruction unites the entire Project Team, creating a collaborative process that sets the project up for success before construction commences.


Construction management means more than keeping a crew working hard and efficiently.  Our experience demonstrates our effectiveness in managing complex and challenging projects, with a focus on delivering them on time and on budget, every time.  We focus on pre-planning through the use of detailed CPM schedules integrated with other tools such as BIM modeling when appropriate. Our detailed estimates are quickly transformed through timely subcontract buyout into comprehensive subcontracts and purchase orders. Comprehensive and detailed management tools and accounting systems bring consistency and predictability to our project performance.


Our integrated approach to quality begins in the earliest stages of a project, through preconstruction and construction and past final completion. Focus quality initiatives include: Building Envelope Coordination Program, Interior Quality Control Program, Water Intrusion Prevention Program, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Coordination Program and Site Specific Quality Plan.

Building Projects. Building Relationships. Building Community.



it’s not just a policy;

it’s part of our culture


“…Your professionalism and willingness to accommodate was awesome… The pre-site orientation was perfect and appropriate. The site was in great working order, good housekeeping and an example of a good jobsite…Please consider allowing our staff to visit this site or another in the future for our next training.”

-Steve Heist, Construction Safety and Health Technical Specialist Washington Division of Occupational Safety & Health

“…This is the best, most comprehensive safety plan our department has ever seen for a construction general contractor. Exxel Pacific goes far and above our requirements.”

-Tom Falkenstein, Construction Safety and Health Technical Specialist California Division of Occupational Safety & Health

Safety is key to our culture and is integrated in our daily project activities. Pre-planning and identifying safe work practices early is critical. Our safety documentation and processes are very detailed and are managed and monitored continuously on site.

Any company can say they are committed to safety, only a very few are qualified members of the Associated General Contractors Safety Team; Exxel has been a member since 1992. Membership in this group requires strict adherence to workplace safety compliance, including accident prevention programs, training, emergency response plans and more. This reduces potential liability exposure for owners and developers and reinforces your confidence in the Exxel Pacific team.

Exxel Pacific continues to earn honors and awards respective to our safety programs. At Exxel Pacific, safety is not just a policy; it is part of our culture. Safety commitment is an integral part of everyone’s job description. Engagement from all levels and continual education are equally required. As a member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Washington, Exxel Pacific holds honorable status in AGC Safety Team. Within this elite group of contractors, Exxel Pacific continually performs in the top five percent. Exxel Pacific has had no recordable time loss accidents for over 10 years.

Project specific safety plans are created after thorough analysis of all building systems are identified. Specific plans would take into consideration discussions with the Design Team as well as other parties with interest in the project. A complete copy of Exxel Pacific company safety policy is available upon request.

Exxel Pacific believes that our team’s safety success is a result of empowering our workforce to meet our expectation that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Engagement from all levels and continuous education are implemented to meet our goals.

We are not like most construction companies. Exxel Pacific is a unique team of individuals who share a common dedication to a culture with core values that produce special relationships with our Clients, Consultants and Subcontractors. Our commitment to safety is centered on the values we place on family, trust, honesty and integrity which guide our team in all that we do.


Commitment to the Process


“Ecotope is happy to provide a letter of recommendation for the Exxel Pacific team. We have had excellent experience working with the Exxel team. This has included experience with them in a pre-construction consultant role as well as managing the full delivery of LEED Platinum projects. They approach construction projects as a collaborative team member as opposed to taking a more adversarial approach. As a result they are able to obtain full cooperation from all of the various consultants, designers, and contractors involved in putting together large and ambitious projects.
In preconstruction they are willing to ask tough questions to bring discussions down to a practical, simple, buildable, and cost effective scale. However, at the same time they take the owner’s sustainability goals serious. They have shown that they can handle incorporating cutting edge technologies and techniques that have not been used widely in the industry.
I have no reservations recommending the Exxel Pacific team for either pre-construction or full construction delivery services and would be happy to work alongside them on any such project.”

Jonathan Heller, PE – Ecotope, Inc.

“O’Brien & Company has worked with Exxel Pacific, Inc. on over a dozen completed and in-process projects in the capacity of sustainability consultant and LEED Green Rater. These experiences have given us exposure to a large part of Exxel’s team and work from early design through to occupancy. All of our interactions with Exxel Pacific, at all levels, have been met with professionalism and a desire to get the job done right. Creating and maintaining a durable and resource efficient building is an on-going process, starting with pre-design. Exxel has demonstrated a high level of quality assurance and dedication to good work, a key ingredient to carrying the design through construction and creating a more sustainable building.
It is with this, that O’Brien & Company would recommend Exxel Pacific as General Contractor on any project where there is a LEED requirement.”

Chris Edlin, PM – O’Brien & Company

Exxel Pacific is dedicated to sustainability through building design and construction practices, as well as embracing it as a corporate culture.  At the corporate level, we are committed to recycling programs, smart energy use, and a detailed LEED education policy that enforces our commitment by paying for necessary employee training and education with a goal of all entering Project Engineers achieving LEED accreditations.  We have constructed numerous projects utilizing several sustainable programs including LEED, Built Green and Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards.


Exxel Pacific is committed to meeting and exceeding Sustainability Goals set for its projects. We believe strongly in early engagement in the process. This means participation in early sustainability team meetings with the LEED Consultant, Owner and Architect and then detailed review of the goals that have been established to achieve LEED accreditation and certification level targets.

Exxel has constructed numerous “Green” buildings following the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Standards, including Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum level certified buildings.

One of the first things that needs to be done, is to complete a LEED Project Checklist and see which points the project can attain based on location and building features that are already a part of the design.  Once this evaluation has been performed one can decide how close you are to the level desired and analyze what other points are achievable with the least amount of cost.  It may be that the project can easily achieve the “Silver” level with little to no additional construction cost and then studies can be done to see what is needed to reach higher levels. The LEED Consultant would do the initial Checklist analysis and lead the process to evaluate the cost needed to reach the desired certification.

Exxel’s Team is committed to providing thorough project analysis and cost review throughout pre-construction to maximize LEED points and the highest level of certification as desired.  During construction we have dedicated and LEED trained staff whose expertise assures the process is done properly and provides all necessary documentation to meet the LEED points required. Please visit for more information.


Many of the projects we have constructed and that are currently in progress also meet the “Built Green” certification program.  Built Green projects are designed to provide owners with comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly buildings that are cost-effective to own and operate, providing years of healthy, quality living while protecting the environment.

Construction methods used to achieve “Built Green” points have become much more common with the use of “energy star” appliances, recycled construction materials, proper waste disposal and best management practices for erosion control. This approach, depending on the star rating level desired, typically can be achieved with little to no cost impact to the project. Please visit for more information.


EVERGREEN Sustainable Development Standard (ESDS) is a green building performance standard required of all affordable housing projects, with the goal of improving the economics of managing affordable housing, promoting environmental quality and enhancing the quality of life for residents.  ESDS contains criteria that safeguard health and safety, increase durability, promote sustainable living, preserve the environment, and increase energy and water efficiency. Please visit for more information.


Exxel Pacific is involved in the Salmon-Safe accreditation program, to help keep our urban and agricultural watersheds clean enough for native salmon to spawn and thrive. Their primary goal is to “engage contractors in consistently applying best construction site management practices to achieve a zero sediment runoff goal everywhere they work”.

To qualify for the Salmon-Safe certification, a project must incorporate plants that filter contaminants while including construction elements for storm water detention.  Such as including green roofs atop the project and on its ground-floor awnings, partnering with roof drainage to direct storm water to be treated in vegetated bio-retention planters, or collecting rain from the roof to empty into street-side planters.

To earn the official stamp of approval, projects must pass an interdisciplinary team of scientists comprised of stormwater management experts from the University of Washington, Washington State University and Mithun and Coho Environmental. Please visit for more information.


Exxel Pacific believes strongly is supporting the communities we live and work in. We understand that this includes the support of programs that target employment of disadvantaged individuals and businesses.