May 26, 2017
General contractor: Safety
250,000-450,000 hours


Exxel Pacific promotes AGC’s values of skill, integrity and responsibility with the “Pig,” an award for being 100 percent committed to safety.

The award started with a simple concept: a breakfast of bacon and eggs. There are two contributors to that breakfast, the chicken and the pig. Whereas both contributed, when you look at the level of commitment the chicken only participated, but the pig was fully committed.

The company uses this to illustrate the level of safety commitment it strives for. The Pig is awarded three times a year at company-wide safety meetings. Past recipients have included superintendents, project managers, foremen and executives/owners.

What does it take to win the Pig? First, you must be a safety leader. Someone that, by his or her leadership and example says, “Safety is a value to me!”

These individuals do not compromise their safety or that of others. They also choose to work safely because they know it is the right thing to do, and not because they have to or because they are being watched.

Exxel’s current experience modification rate of 0.5988 ranks the company as a top performer in safety.

As a member of the AGC of Washington Safety Team, Exxel is committed to sharing its belief that the skill, integrity and responsibility necessary for making safety a value is shared with its projects, families and the communities in which it works.

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