General contractor: Safety
300,000-350,000 hours

Photo courtesy of Exxel Pacific

Exxel has had an average EMR of 0.71 over the last 10 years.

Exxel Pacific

Exxel Pacific empowers its workforce to meet the expectation that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and believes that continual improvement is critical.

Its electronic safety-document control system helps to manage and maintain safety files and electronically file compliance-required forms. The company also uses an interactive field-auditing and safety-inspection application to review, evaluate, train and resolve safety issues in the field.

Exxel’s average EMR of 0.71 over the last 10 years ranks the company as a top safety performer. As a member of AGC of Washington and AGC’s Safety Team, Exxel also benefits from cutting-edge safety information that it shares with project team members.

The company works on continual improvement with its subcontractors’ safety programs, believing that bringing out the best in its subcontractors allows the company to also achieve higher levels of safety success.

John Bray, owner of subcontractor Braycon, said, “Braycon was able to achieve a claim-free year in 2014 … in large part because of the efforts of the safety teams at Exxel Pacific.”