Our Vision and Values

Core Principles


Exxel Pacific, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Sid Baron and Kevin DeVries, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.  Exxel Pacific grew out of the development activities of Exxel Development Group, an active multi-family and commercial development company in northwest Washington.  Exxel Pacific began working with various long-term clients in providing a unique and comprehensive construction and development experience.

Exxel Pacific provides valuable pre-construction services to many clients and believes the time spent early in development provides for a higher quality project.  We have built a reputation of honesty, integrity and high ethical values and have become recognized as an industry leader in both commercial and multi-tenant residential construction.

In 2017 Exxel Pacific Ownership made a key decision to transition the company to 100% employee ownership. This commitment was made from a genuine desire to create an enduring company with a focus on preserving the legacy that was established over the years through the hard work of its valued employees. Exxel Pacific believes strongly that employee ownership continues the commitment of the founding mission and culture and further “gives back” by creating a valuable, long term, retirement benefit for the employees who work so hard to create and perpetuate the ongoing success of the company.


To proactively serve and satisfy our customers by providing the most cost efficient and high quality projects in our area of service. This is achieved by building a team of people who will develop and maintain a quality,  service and solution oriented attitude that will lead the industry and create a sustainable competitive advantage for Exxel Pacific, Inc. It is our responsibility to respect each employee and to help them become their very best; to help each employee achieve life’s highest goals and aspirations. The job security of everyone in the organization depends first and foremost on the efficiency, safety, productivity and profitability of the company. We must all share a measure of the responsibility and commitment that we shall be efficient, safe, productive and profitable. We all pledge the highest level of accountability to the pursuit of excellence in everything we do and that our subcontractors and suppliers do for us.



Here at Exxel Pacific, we believe in doing what we say we will do.  We are honest, accountable and fair.  We provide our clients an open book of construction costs.  That’s our promise.


Exxel Pacific understands the importance that every employee plays in building quality projects for our clients.  Our staff understands the importance of building and maintaining these relationships with our clients, subcontractors, architects and vendors.  Building strong relationships and treating each member as an integral part of our team consistently drives the success of every project.


At Exxel Pacific, “Performance Builds Confidence”.  For us, the true measurement of performance is client loyalty.  A sure sign of our clients’ satisfaction is the repeat business and number of referrals from clients, architects, banks and subcontractors.  We at Exxel Pacific are interested in your second project, which means the first one is successful.


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Exxel Pacific Gives Back

Community involvement is a vital and ongoing part of our corporate culture.  We encourage participation within our communities and embrace opportunities to make the world a better place.  Giving back is a commitment from us and our employees towards the culture and sustainability of the communities we live in.

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