Superintendent of the Year

Brett Armstrong

Exxel Pacific

Brett Armstrong embodies the “safety champion” qualities that every project must have to be successful. He fully understands the message “safety is a value at work and at home,” and communicates this through his leadership.

Armstrong identifies how to work with, coach and create a safety culture with subcontractors who are not always accustomed to performing work on high-profile projects. He mixes these safety goals with his team’s jobsite responsibilities.

On Exxel Pacific’s Block 10 project in South Lake Union, Armstrong often walked the site with his safety manager, reinforcing projectwide safety emphasis. Armstrong made the time to strategize safety concerns and issues, and facilitated “look-aheads” to plan activities.

He championed safety with his leadership for Exxel Pacific’s project team, subcontractors and the client. Armstrong also educated the client on why certain work activities needed to be performed in a safety-first manner.

With his leadership, Armstrong allowed Exxel Pacific’s safety manager — and the Block 10 project as a whole — to be successful. On the Block 10 project, Armstrong’s goals were fully accomplished, with a total of 257,559 hours worked with zero time-loss injuries and an excellent recordable-injury rate of 3.8.

According to Exxel’s safety officer Joe Sadler, “In my years of working with Brett Armstrong, he has never sacrificed safety to meet production or schedule.”