May 19, 2023

Rising Star Award

Mark Rosenwald

Exxel Pacific

Mark Rosenwald takes his role as site logistics coordinator very seriously and maintains a safe, clean and efficient site. He is fully aware of every worker who steps foot on his site, where all the materials are located and when the next load is showing up. Regardless of the weather or how long of a day it has been, you will always find him with an infectious smile on his face.

Rosenwald acts as liaison to local residents, neighboring properties, nearby construction projects, and the community, notifying them of upcoming work that may impact them in some way, posting project updates to help them feel involved, and helping to ensure public safety.

An over-achiever in every aspect of his life, Rosenwald is always willing to take the Saturday shift for a crane erection, large-material delivery or anything else that may come up, even though that means coming across on the Bremerton ferry at 4:40 am. He also makes yearly updates to Exxel Pacific’s Handbook for Site Logistics Coordination — which he wrote in 2019.

Whenever an opportunity presents itself, Rosenwald advocates passionately for students to understand their potential in the industry, by discovering the kinds of work that they find the most gratifying. He wholeheartedly recommends trying several kinds of work for the sake of refining your search and learning what strengths a person possesses to build upon. Rosenwald also serves as a mentor to newer site logistics coordinators, who are stationed at other Exxel Pacific projects, and hopes to inspire others to consider a career in site logistics.

Rosenwald has been committing time for the last three years to be an interviewer at PACT (Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training) program graduations. This allows graduates to have several, back-to-back, 10-minute interviews with potential local employers in the construction industry. He was also recently one of three Exxel Pacific panelists who visited the Wood Technology Center PACT classroom. The panelists introduced themselves, explained their job description and how they got into construction, provided interviewing tips, and gave pointers on how to enter the construction industry via opportunities available at general contractors such as Exxel Pacific, in addition to their typical approaches at trade unions.